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Arts Education

In 2001, KC was invited to conduct a single workshop with youth for an art project with Marymound School. She lacked the training and experience working with children, but her mentor Lita Fontaine made her realize that it was imperative that alongside her art practice, she continue to teach so children could have a role model. From that point on, she taught art workshops to youth when the opportunity arose. In 2004, KC became the ceramic instructor for Art City, the position only lasted a year, but she continued on as a casual staff member.  In 2006, KC joined the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Learning Through the Arts program. For 4 to 8 weeks out of the year, she worked with select schools in the inner city of Winnipeg, with the support of the teachers, to teach the core curriculm to children using art. The program offered training to artists on how to be an affective educators and KC was able to hone her skills as a teacher through this experience. In 2011, She joined the Manitoba Arts Council’s Artist-In-The-Schools program and has been teaching children the joys of working with clay. In her lessons, she teachs children how to work with clay and the Seven Grandfather teachings and how we can utilize the teachings to take care of our family, friends, community and mother earth. KC Adams believes that art is not an exclusive endeavor, it has the ability to strengthen the mind, body and soul.
KC is available for Manitoba Arts Council's Artist-In-The-School and is usually booked up by the end of March.