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MAWA: Mentoring Artists for Women's Art, Culture of Community

M.A.W.A., 2004

Edited by Vera Lemecha

ISBN 0-9684409-4-0

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Art and Technology : Paradise Refracted

Robert McLaughlin Gallery

Catalogue for the 2002 exhibition at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery. The exhibition promoted contemplation about the state of technology, how it affects the individual and the culture, as well as the relationship between art and technology. Artists include KC Adams, John Jefferys, and Victoria Scott. 35 pages.

ISBN: 0921200548

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Transference, Tradition, Technology
Edited by Dana Claxton, Melanie Townsend, and Steven Loft

This book of essays by artists, curators, and scholars frames the landscape of contemporary Aboriginal art, the influence of Western criticism and standards, and the liberating advent of inexpensive technologies including video and online media.

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Volume 7 2004/2005

ISSN: 1497-8776

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In-Between: KC Adams & Farheen HaQ

Catalogue for the 2006 exhibition at the Truck Gallery.

Truck Gallery

ISBN: 978-1-895684-25-4

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From the Peg: Flatter the Land, Bigger the Ruckus, Harbourfront Festival 2006

Urban Shaman Gallery

Featuring: KC Adams, Ian August, Roger Crait, Rosale Favel, Leah Fontaine, Shaun Morin, Darryl Nepinak, Scott Stephens.

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PHOTOQUAI:Biennale des images du monde

Catalogue for the 2007 Photography Biennale in Paris, France.

ISBN: 978-2-915133-63-9


Izhizkawe: To Leave Tracks to a Certain Place

An Exhibition of Concordia University's Indigenous Alumni, Concordia University, Montreal, QC.

ISBN: 978-0-9781694-4-2


Anthem: Perspectives on Home and Native Land

Catalogue for the touring exhibition Anthem through the Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa, ON.




Catalogue for the on-line exhibition Prairiescape through the Platform Gallery, Winnipeg, MB.

Featuring: KC Adams, Richard Dyck, Erica Lincoln

ISBN 978-0-9697675-5-8


Back Talk: Protest and Humour

Catalogue for the 2006 exhibition at the the Dunlop Art Gallery, Regina, SK. Elizabeth Matheson

ISBN 978-1-894882-32-3


Urban Shaman: Retrospective

Essays by Liz Barron, Steve Loft, Leanne L'Hirondelle, Miles Morrisseau, Wanda Nanibush, Lita Fontaine.

(Mention of KC Adams's contribution to the organization.)

ISBN: 978-0-9731935-1-0




Subconscious City

Catalogue for the 2008 exhibition at the Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB.

ISBN: 978-0-88915-241-0


Face the Nation

Catalogue for the exhibition Face the Nation: New Portraits of the Past by Contemporary Artists, through the Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

ISBN 978-0-88950-149-2


Future Species

Mike Bilodeau, Cliff Eyland, David Liss (foreward), Camilla Singh, Kristine Stiles
ISBN 978-0-9698547-4-6



O Siyam

Aboriginal Art Inspired by the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

ISBN 978-0-470-16154-8


Hide: Skin as A Material and Metaphor

Catalogue for the 2006 exhibition at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, MB.

ISBN 978-0-9813940-6-0


KC Adams: Transcendence-cyborg hibrida genitalis humanitas

Catalogue for the 2006 exhibition at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, MB.

ISBN 978-0-9813940-6-0



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KC Adams: The Evovolution of the Cyborg Hybrid, Mix Magazine: a declaration of creative independance, 32.1



KC Adams: Artist's Pages

Fuse Magazine

00 00 00 00 00

Belot, Heather, INSPIRED: The Banff Centre Magazine

Summer 2007



Western, Jenny, Confessions of a Hybrid Indian Cyborg, Front: Contemoorary Art and Ideas, XVIII, number 4


BackFlash Magazine

Artist Profile, Text by Lori Blondeau, VOL. 24.3


Spirit Soars, Spirit Magazine, volume 4, issue 1, summer 2007


Enright, Robert, The Cyborgian Comfort Zone, Border Crossings Magazine, Issue No. 105, vol 27, number 1.




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