Socioeconomic issues faced by North America’s consumerist culture inspire the content of my work. My main focus has been the investigation of the dynamic relationship between nature (the living) and technology (progression). In Flight Series, I photographed landscapes from the window of airplanes based on my travels over the course of four years. The printmaking that I have been creating is in different mediums based on the Flight photographs.

Mentorship with Lynn Allen, Manitoba Printmaker's Association, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2006

Flight is photo etching the image size is 4" x 4"

North Residency with support from Wendy Tokaryk, The Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, 2007

Snow Configuration is five silkscreen on velum and is a body of work that evolved from the flight photographs. The white print showcases the snow configurations, the 'positive space' of nature. The 'negative space' represent the grooves and lines that have been contstructed by technology. Image size is 10" x 10" with a 2" border, a small edition of six.

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Circuit City is a series of prints taken from the flight series and are black and white images of Winnipeg, Manitoba, (Prairie region) Canada. The images are reminiscent of circuit boards and the white of the snow glows in a subtle but disconcerting manner. The image size of the work is 20" x 20", Digital manipulated prints with a small edition of two.