Cyborg Hybrids – cyborg hibrida genitalis humanitas [techno-savy, creative, human; kindness; humour, education, culture].

Cyborg Hybrids is a photo series that attempts to challenge our views towards mixed race classifications by using humorous text and imagery from two cultures. The Cyborg Hybrids are digital prints of Euro-Aboriginal artists who are forward thinkers and plugged in with technology. They follow the doctrine of Donna Harroway’s Cyborg Manifesto , which states that a cyborg is a creature in a technological, post-gender world free of traditional western stereotypes towards race and gender. I photographed artists who fit the Cyborg Hybrid criteria and had them wear white t-shirts with beaded text such as “AUTHORITY ON ALL ABORIGINAL ISSUES”, “INDIAN GIVER” and other slogans that would illustrate common Aboriginal stereotypical text. I also created white chokers for them to wear while I photographed them in stoic poses, mocking photographs of Aboriginal people from the 19th and early 20th century. I then digitally alter the photos to look like they could fit within a glamorous magazine. Their defiant poses challenge the viewer to try and classify their identity.

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Banff Series
Charlottetown Series
Winnipeg Series
Brandon Series
Ottawa Series
New York Series
Calgary Series
Manitoulin Series