I would like to take this moment to thank all of the people who have helped me throughout the years and believed in my work.

- My husband Josh Gray and our beautiful little boy Mac.

- Les & Judith Adams - My parents for their love, support and skills in helping me install and construct two installations.

- Kelli & Jodi Adams - My sister and niece for their belief in me and their unconditional love.

- Aaron, Hollie Adams & family (Zach, Emilie, Ryleigh & Logan) - My brother and his wife and kids for all of their help & kindness.

- Valery Camarta for her belief in my work and willingness to collaborate on projects.

- Cathy Mattes for being one of the rare people who offers me honest critiques.

- Tim Wytyk for his sound for the Cyborg Living Space: Bedroom video called Cyborg Sex.

- Rhy for his sound for the Cyborg Chicken installation.

- Mathew Walker for his help in the construction of the Cyborg Living Space Bed

- For all of the artists who have modelled for me for the Cyborg Hybrid work: Adam, Candice, Carla, Cheryl, David, Jen, Lori, Mark, Nancy, Pat, Stephanie & Yvonne, Jodi, Scott, David K, Steve, Tim, Leah, Niki, Temperance, Roger, Brad, Cathy, Christa, Jenny, Jay, Ryan, Greg, Heather, Stephanie, Leanne, Stephanie, Linda, Barry, and Renalta.

- The wonderful staff at The Banff Centre: Anthony Kiendl, Candice Hopkins, Ed Bamilling, Sylvie Gilbert, Mathew Walker & the staff in the Photography department.

Special thanks to the funding bodies and organisations that have supported my work.

The Annex Gallery

The Banff Centre

The Confederation Art Gallery

Urban Shaman Gallery

Border Crossings